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Product Details

Resolute Integrity DES



Resolute Integrity DES:
The Best in Stent Innovation Unite



Resolute Integrity DES combines the powerful clinical advantages of Resolute DES with the groundbreaking continuous sinusoid technology of Integrity BMS. The result is a revolutionary new DES that provides superior deliverability1 and powerful clinical performance, making it even easier for you to address theneeds of your complex cases .



Micro Trac Delivery System Enhances Capabilities



BioLinx Polymer and Zotarolimus Drug


•  BioLinx biocompatible polymer allows for rapid, complete and functional healing

Potent antiproliferative drug allows effective inhibition of neointimal growth.




Resolute IntegrityTM DES: Simplify the Challenge of Unplanned DAPT Interruption


RESOLUTE DAPT Interruption Analysis Methodology

Pooled Patient-Level Data From Over 5000 Patients

A robust post-hoc analysis on the high-quality RESOLUTE Pooled DAPT interruption data was performed
Every ResoluteTM DES study patient with available DAPT usage data was included
High degree of data monitoring was performed in all studies
The ST rates through one year were assessed based on
The timing of the first DAPT interruption: No interruption; 0-1 month interruption; 1-12 month interruption
The duration of the first DAPT interruption: interruption > 1 day; interruption > 14 days; permanent discontinuation


Reasons for DAPT Temporary Interruption and Discontinuation




Thienopyridine and/or Aspirin Interruption and Discontinuation



No Increased Risk of ST in ResoluteTM DES Patients Interrupting DAPT Beyond One Month




DAPT Language in Updated CE Mark IFU

Significant Statement of Finding



ResoluteTM DES Showed Low 1.1% ST Rate in More Than 5000 Patients

RESOLUTE Pooled* Stent Thrombosis Rate to 3 Years











Resolute Integrity DES Provides Superior Deliverability


Continuous Sinusoid Technology Provides a Fluid Range of Motion



Resolute Integrity DES Provides Superior Deliverability



Superior Deliverability Without Compromise




Comprehensive, Unique, Bold RESOLUTE Clinical Program

Over 5000 Resolute DES Patients Enrolled; 3489 Patients from All-Comers Trials


RESOLUTE All Comers Trial Design Large, Real-World Study That Reflects Complexities of Daily Clinical Practice


Powerful Clinical Performance Sustained Out to 4 Years


Powerful Results Sustained Out to 4 Years
No Difference in Efficacy or Safety Endpoints


No Significant Difference in ARC Definite/Probable Stent Thrombosis at 4 Years




Low Rates of Very Late Stent Thrombosis (VLST) Despite Low DAPT Rate After One Year



Maintains Powerful Performance in Complex Patients





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