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SiteSeer Angiographic Catheter


SiteSeer Angiographic Catheter

The angiographic catheter is a plastic tube which functions as a conduit for contrast, fluids, and pressure measurement during cardiac catheterization of coronary arteries and the left ventricle.

The SiteSeer® Angiographic Catheter is designed for optimal performance and is offered in a broad range of curve selections.

Curve Styles



Siteseer Angiographic catheters include:

  -  Double-braided construction yields optimal 1:1 torquqe

  -   Pebax material allows for thinner walls and larger lumens in the smaller French sizes

  -  Atraumatic soft tip for ostial engagement





Pebax nylon

Double wire




Flow Rate

4F Pigtail catheter = 15.5 ml/sec @ 1000 psi

5F Pigtail catheter = 19 cc/sec @ 1200 psi

6F Pigtail catheter = 25 cc/sec @1000 psi






4F = 0.054 in

4F = 0.042 in

5F = 0.065 in

5F = 0.045 in

6F Coronary = 0.078 in

6F Coronary = 0.055 in

6F Pigtail = 0.080 in

6F Pigtail = 0.050 in


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